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10 Ways To Fix Disney+ Not working Issues

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This article guides 10 ways to fix Disney+ not working issues. Disney+ is one of the most well-known video streaming services, although it occasionally has issues. Nothing is more annoying than trying to use your Disney+ account but being unable to do so due to recurring difficulties and problems.

This tutorial will outline all the actions you can take to fix any issues you may be having with Disney+ streaming on any of your devices.

  1. Simple Tips to Fix Disney+ Issues

The majority of the difficulties you’ll encounter while attempting to stream Disney+ are caused by the program, your hardware, or your internet connection.

Here are some general recommendations to quickly resolve frequent Disney+ not working issues. To check if it resolves the issue, try each of these one at a time.

  • Restart your computer, phone, TV, and/or streaming device.
  • Reopen the Disney+ app after closing it.
  • your router, restart it.
  • Check your internet connection for issues, or fix a sluggish or inconsistent Wi-Fi connection.
  • Refresh the Disney+ app.
  • Reinstall the Disney+ app after uninstalling it.
  • Check your TV or streaming device for updates.
  • To check if Disney+ is down, visit the Disney+ page on Downdetector.

If this didn’t work, keep reading for specific

  1. Unable to Connect Error Message

An “unable to connect” error is a frequent Disney+ not working issues. It indicates that the server could not be reached by your computer or browser.

This frequently occurs as a result of Disney+ being overloaded with simultaneous user access requests. Other times, it’s because you opened the app too soon and it connected to the internet before your smartphone could. Usually, this issue resolves itself within a short period of time. After a brief interval, restart the program and try again.

  1. The Disney+ App Keeps Crashing

Is your Disney+ app prone to crashes? Restarting the Disney+ app and the device you’re using to watch is the first step.

Update your device or check for Disney+ updates if the issue continues. If everything else fails, try removing and reinstalling the Disney+ app. After trying everything above and still having trouble, your best options are to visit the Disney+ Help Centre or contact tech support.

  1. Error Code 39 and 83

Error codes 39 and 83 are two of the most frequently occurring Disney+ not Working issues.

You can’t watch the video currently that you are trying to watch, according to error code 39. This might be a problem with regional availability. Depending on where you reside and the season, some content might not be available or come and go.

Additionally, when using the Xbox app to stream Disneyplus error code 39 can occur frequently. Attempt rebooting your Xbox as a first step. Further aid is to begin the stream on a different device, then select “continue watching” on your Xbox.

Error code 83 is another frequent problem. Restart the service after disabling anything that resembles that. Check again to make sure it’s not your internet, and if the issue persists, you might want to contact assistance. Connecting to Wi-Fi is the best option, if it’s possible.

  1. Other Common Disney+ Error Codes
Disney+ Error Codes

Other error codes could appear, and the majority of them have to do with streaming rights. This indicates that the material you’re attempting to watch is either unavailable where you are, out of date, or out of rotation. A few of these include error codes 11, 15, 29, 35, 36, 41, and 44.

These mistakes can occasionally also be the result of internet issues. Restart the app and try again if you’re certain that the material should be accessible in your area.

An error code of 22 indicates that the Disney+ parental controls are functioning and are blocking content that is only appropriate for children. You can disable it in settings if you’re sick of hearing the kids whine, but then they’ll have access to any program or film.

You can tell the app is having problems confirming your position when you see error code 31. This is a result of either you trying to use a VPN to access content or disabling your device’s location settings. When using public Wi-Fi or staying in a hotel, this can occasionally occur. You should test out the top VPN services with a free trial period since, while most VPNs function, others don’t.

Error number 43 indicates that a film or television program you have previously added to your watchlist is no longer accessible via streaming. Either you must wait for its reappearance or take it off your watchlist.

We’re sorry; this account has been blocked, says error code 86. However, it might be anything from a payment issue to a password issue or, possibly, that the account was compromised or hacked. Contact Disney customer service to rectify the issue.

  1. Lagging and Buffering Videos
Lagging and Buffering Videos

You’ll probably want to get this rectified, especially if you know that your connection is working properly because lagging and buffering videos are not the way to have fun.

First, you should do an internet speed test using Ookla’s Speedtest website or an appropriate substitute if your video is stuttering or buffering.

Depending on the results of the speed test, you might conclude that Disney+ is the issue, especially if your connection works just fine for other websites. If you’re on the web at the time, you should try clearing the cache in your browser and trying again. You should get in touch with Disney+ support if the issue still exists.

  1. Change Your Disney+ Password or Reset it

At some point in time, you require to change your Disney+ password. Below are the steps on how you can do it.

  • First of all, just open the Disney+ app or go to
  • After opening the app, you will see the profile icon on the bottom click on it. Whereas, on the web app you will find the same icon on the top right corner.
  • Then, go to the Account option
  • Tap on Change Password
  • Fill in your current password
  • Then, put in your new password
  • After completing this, just click on Save.

This method is applicable to almost every device like PS5, Apple TV, etc. Also, you will get an email confirmation for the changes you made.

  1. Didn’t Find the Profile Icon

You wanted to update your profile icon on Disney+ to your new favorite Disney character, but it wasn’t available. Although you are aware that it is on the app, it isn’t appearing there.

If you run into this, it usually implies the icon is already being used by another profile on your account. You will need to negotiate with the other profile utilizing the icon because Disney+ only permits one profile to use an icon at a time. Of course, if you own the account, you may always use your position of authority to request that the other person change their profile icon for you.

  1. Disney+ Is “Not Available in Your Region”

Disney+ is well-liked all across the world, but not everywhere has access to it. Syria, Uganda, Bangladesh, and other nations are among those still waiting for the service as of the time of writing. Therefore, the “not available in your region” error message can be annoying if you live in a country where the service is accessible in your area.

Typically, using a VPN—which uses a server in one of the nations where the service is unavailable—causes this Disney+ not working issues. If you experience this problem, switch your VPN server to a nation where it is available, and the problem should disappear. 

  1. Disney+ Shows a Blank Screen
Disney+ Shows a Blank Screen

When they try to use Disney+, several internet users have reported getting a blank screen problem. Although this can be annoying, there is typically a valid explanation. This is typically the consequence of a content filter, proxy accelerator, or pop-up blocker interfering, assuming you don’t have any internet problems.

Disable anything that resembles that and then retry the service. Make sure it’s not your internet once more, and if the problem persists, you might want to get in touch with support.

Is Disney+ Working Again?

These are the most typical Disney+ issues or error codes that users encounter. If you still require assistance, look through the Disney+ Help Centre, which offers useful articles and ways to get in touch with the support staff.

Alternatively, if you are tired of Disney+ and still unable to resolve the issue, it may be time to look for a different streaming service.

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